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Visa Categories

Visa general policy for various categories

Visa Categories

The Ministry of Interior is responsible for granting/extending visas in the following categories of foreigners (other than Indian nationals whose cases are dealt by the IP&N Wing of the Ministry of Interior)

Merger of Visa Categories.

  • Current 18 visa categories have been clubbed to reduce the number to 11 as per detail mentioned below:

  • S# Visa CategorySub-Consolidated Category
    1 Tourist / Visit Visa a) Tourist / Visit
    2 Visa in Your Inbox a) Tourist
    b) Business
    3 Family Visit VisaNo change
    4 Business Visa No change
    5 Work Visaa) Work
    b) Domestic Aide
    c) Journalist
    6 Study Visaa) Student
    b) Deeni Madaris
    7 Religious Tourisma) Tabligh
    b) Missionary
    c) Pilgrim (Sikh/Hindu/Others)
    8 Official Visaa) Official
    b) Diplomatic
    9NGO / INGONo Change
    10Medical VisaNew
    11OtherNo change

  • “Visa on arrival” phrase in previous letter/policy as mentioned above shall be rephrased as “Visa in your Inbox” as the applicant will apply online from his/her home country and will get electronic authorization to travel. On arrival, he/she will show this electronic authorization at immigration for stamping in the passport.

Diplomatic and Official Visa.

  • To facilitate foreign diplomats, the ministry of Foreign Affairs is authorized to issue gratis visa/accreditation cards for the tenure of diplomatic/official assignment.
  • Authorized slots will be granted Diplomatic Visa only.
  • Security clearance for additional slots will be mandatory.
  • Processing time for Diplomatic Visa shall be one week.

Study Visa

  • Request of the students is received by the MOI and Ministry of Education. Study visa is granted after obtaining NOC from Ministry of Education/Economics Affairs Division/Ministry of Health (as the case may be) and foreign Mission in Pakistan of the respective country and security clearance.
  • NOC is granted of the security cleared students for entry visa to the Mission abroad for three months with single entry.
  • Foreign Students studying in Pakistan on proper student/study visa are granted visa/visa extension for one year with one re-entry. The same procedure is applied to foreign teachers of International Islamic University, Islamabad.

Revision in Study Visa Duration

  1. Study Entry Visa / Extension will be issued for 2 years after due clearance by security agencies within the stipulated time of 30 days.
  2. Required documents:
    • Routine Visa Docs, Passport Copy, Photo
    • Admission/Bonafide letter
    • NOC from Concerned Ministry of Pakistan, NOC to the student by Native Country.

Work Visa

Work Visa-Entry (Individual/Family):

  1. Pakistan Missions abroad will receive and approve request for entry work visa up to 3 months (single entry) within the stipulated time frame of 48 Hours under intimation to ISI, IB and FIA.
  2. Security clearance will not be required for an entry work visa.
  3. Required documents for work entry visa are :
    • Photo, passport
    • Employment Agreement
    • Undertaking of Company letter head
    • CV of Applicant
    • Covering letter on company's letterhead
    • Company profile
    • SECP registration of the company

Work Visa-Extension (Individual/Family):

  1. Once work visa granted for 3 months, the applicant can seek extension up to 2 years with multiple entries.
  2. Ministry of Interior will receive and decide application with due clearance of security agencies (mandatory).
  3. BOI letter of Recommendation is mandatory for extension in Work Visa.
  4. Case shall be assumed as approved in case agencies response is not received within specified time (30 Days) under intimation to Pakistan Mission abroad, ISI, IB and FIA.
  5. Required documents for work visa extension are :
    • Photo, passport
    • Employment Agreement
    • Undertaking of Company letter head
    • CV of Applicant
    • Covering letter on company's letterhead
    • Company profile
    • BOI Recommendation Letter
    • SECP registration of the company

Journalist Visa

Accredited & based in Pakistan

Pakistan Missions abroad are authorized to grant visa to the journalists accredited and based in Pakistan for duration of assignment in consultation with Press Attaches and Link offices except for Indian journalists, for Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad . If they wish to travel to other cities, they will apply through Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Non based in Pakistan

  • Non-Based: If the journalist is not on negative list, Mission will grant 03 months validity and stay(multiple) visa for Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.
  • Extension / long-term visa: Ministry of Information & Broadcasting will provide list of journalists and the security agencies are bound to give clearance or otherwise within four(04) weeks.

Entry Visas with the Approval of Ministry of Interior

Visa CategoryPolicy
Tabligh Visa45 Days
Missionary Visa1 Year with two re-entries. Extendable in Pakistan.
House Maid Work VisaRenamed as Domestic-Aide Visa. One year with two re-entries.
INGO Visa3 Months
Student VisaPakistan Missions abroad are authorized to grant two years Study (Entry) Visa to Foreign Students after NOC from concerned Ministries and clearance from security agencies.

Grant of Visa to all Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Nationals
  • Grant of visas to all nationals of Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) will be governed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the sanctions regime and subsequent SROs Issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All Missions abroad will refer visa cases of DPRK nationals to the Ministry of Foreign Affair.

Medical Visa


  1. Pak Missions abroad will issue Short Term Medical Visa to cater emergencies (Visa Type: Single Entry, Individual/Family/Attendant) to individual / family/attendant with duration up to 3 Months within a stipulated time frame of 48 hours subject to submission of requisite documents by the applicant.
  2. Security clearance will not be required in short term visa. However, intimation will be sent to ISI, IB and FIA.
  3. Required Documents
    • Routine visa documents
    • Copy of Passport
    • Photos etc.


  1. Ministry of Interior will approve the Extended Term Medical Visa (Visa Type: Multiple Entry, Individual/Family/Attendant) up to one (01) year within 30 days, after clearance from of security agencies under intimation to Pakistan Mission abroad, ISI, IB and FIA.
  2. Case shall be assumed as approved in case agencies response is not received within the specified time.
  3. Ministry of NHSR&C will furnish the list of hospitals for enlisting in POVs. Patients will take consultations and consent letter from the enlisted hospitals only.
  4. Required Documents
    • Routine visa documents
    • Copy of Passport
    • Photos etc.
    • Letter from Hospitals.

NGO's Visa

Embassies are empowered to grant short term visa for one month to the expatriates working with Non Government Organizations in Pakistan.

For long term visa, the NGO is required to be registered with Government of Pakistan. In such cases, Mission abroad refer the applications for prior clearance from Ministry of Interior before granting visas.

In case of extension of visa, the registered NGOs may apply directly to Ministry of Interior which in turn authorizes the concerned RPOs for grant of extension of visa, if all the formalities are met.

Afghan Visa

  • Afghan nationals holding Afghan passport, living in Pakistan since long are allowed visa/visa extension for a period of six months with one re entry.
  • Afghan origin/third country passports holders are initially granted 45-days visa by our missions abroad except Pakistan Mission in Afghanistan. They are allowed further extension for 45-days.
  • Afghan nationals coming from Afghanistan are granted six months visa with one re-entry by Pakistan Mission in Afghanistan.
  • Revised Visa Policy for Afghanistan 2020 Download...

Pilgrimage Visa

Sikhs of foreign passport holders (other than the Indian passports) are granted entry visa by the Missions for a fortnight for the following places.

  • Lahore
  • Sheikhupura (Nankana Sahib)
  • Rawalpindi/Hasan Abdal (Punja Sahib)

Missionary Work Visa

The applications for grant of initial visa/extension for missionary work Christian Missionaries in Pakistan is processed by the Ministry of Interior.

Entry visas are not granted to foreign missionaries desirous of opening new missions or strengthening existing one engaged in proselytizing activities.

Foreign missionaries can apply for entry visa through Pakistan missions abroad who will refer the cases to Ministry of Interior with following documents of the applicants:-

  • Visa application form, duly completed with two photographs.
  • Computer Performa.
  • Letter from a Missionary Organization certifying that he/she is a Bonafied member of the said Organization, which takes full responsibility for his/her maintenance, boarding/lodging and return journey in case repatriation from Pakistan was required.
  • Declaration to respect and abide by the laws of Pakistan and that he/she will refrain from indulging in internal politics and will comply with all the regulations of Pakistan.
  • Biodata for last 10 years.
  • Photostat copies of his/her educational degrees diplomas/certificates( with English translation, if required).
  • Letter from the Organization in Pakistan inviting the said missionary worker.
  • Complete details of the person being re-placed showing the exact date of his final exit, and visa position at that time along with photo copies of passport pages indicating final exit, final visa as well as the cancellation of un-utilized visa( if any).

The Ministry of Interior after obtaining the views of the Provincial Government clearance, authorizes missions abroad for entry visa for one year with one re-entry.

Missionary workers shall apply for extension in visa one month before expiry of visa to the nearest Regional Passport Office. In case, the documents furnished are in order, visa extension for two years with 2 re-entries per year (not valid for India) will be granted by RPO concerned.

House-Maid Visa

Entry visa to work as housemaid/domestic servant in Pakistan will be granted by Missions abroad only with prior approval of the Ministry of Interior.

Applications for grant of fresh visa as housemaid/domestic servant etc., to a foreigner will be forwarded by the employers in Pakistan to Ministry of Interior with following documents:-

  • Visa application form duly completed with two photographs of the applicant.
  • Computer clearance Performa
  • NOC & Acknowledgement from the foreign mission concerned (in Pakistan) about proposed employment of the foreigner by the said employer.
  • Employment Contract on stamp paper, duly signed by the employee and employer and two witnesses.
  • Photocopies of passport pages.
  • Copy of NIC of the employer (in case the employer is a Pakistani).
  • Passport photocopy of the employer (in case the employer is a foreigner). Extension in Housemaid Work/Domestic servant visa cases is granted by the Ministry of Interior on year-to-year basis subject to the validity of passport of the applicant with one or two re-entries per year.

Visa to Third Country Foreigner

  • Foreign nationals can only apply for Pakistan visa from their country of origin OR from the place of legal permanent residence.
  • Request for visas of a THIRD COUNTRY origin will be decided only by the Ambassador/High Commissioner/Head of Mission/Consulate.

Family Visit Visa

  • Pakistan Missions abroad are authorized to grant five years validity and one year stay multiple entry visa to foreigners of pakistan origin and their foreign spouses, which shall be processed within 7-10 working days.
  • Family visit visa will be extendable on yearly basis in pakistan.

Business Visa

Missions are allowed to grant 5 years Multiple Business Visa within 24 hours to businessmen of 96 BVL countries subject to the production of any of the following and as per list of countries mentioned below:

  • Recommendation letter from CC&I of the respective foreign country.
  • Invitation letter from Business organization duly recommended by the concerned Trade Organization.
  • Recommendatory letter by Honorary Investment Counselor of BOI/Commercial Attache.
  • Visa-on-Arrival (VOA) for 30 days to be granted to businessmen of 96 BVL countries on production of any of the above mentioned documents.
  • Multiple business visa for 5 years shall be granted within 24 hours, subject to provision of requisite documents.


S# Name of Country S# Name of CountryS# Name of Country
1 Algeria 33 Greece 65 Oman
2 Angola 34 Guatemala 66 Panama
3 Argentina 35 Guinea 67 Paraguay
4 Australia 36 Guinea-Bissau 68 Peru
5 Austria 37 Honduras 69 Philippines
6 Azerbaijan 38 Hungary 70 Poland
7 Bahrain 39 Indonesia 71 Portugal
8 Bangladesh 40 Iran 72 Qatar
9 Belgium 41 Iraq 73 Romania
10 Benin 42 Ireland 74 Russia
11 Brazil 43 Italy 75 Saudi Arabia
12 Bulgaria 44 Japan 76 Senegal
13 Cambodia 45 Jordan 77 Sierra lone
14 Cameron 46 Kazakhstan 78 Singapore
15 Canada 47 Kenya 79 Slovenia
16 Chile 48 Korea, Republic 80 South Africa
17 China 49 Kuwait 81 South Sudan
18 Columbia 50 Latvia 82 Spain
19 Comoros 51 Lebanon 83 Sri Lanka
20 Cote De Ivoire. (Ivory Coast) 52 Lithuania 84 Sweden
21 Croatia 53 Madagascar 85 Switzerland
22 Czech Republic 54 Malaysia 86 Tanzania
23 Denmark 55 Mauritius 87 Thailand
24 Djibouti 56 Mexico 88 Togo
25 Ecuador 57 Montenegro 89 Tunisia
26 Egypt 58 Morocco 90 Turkiye
27 Estonia 59 Mozambique 91 Ukraine
28 Finland 60 Myanmar 92 United Arab Emirates
29 France 61 Netherlands 93 United Kingdom
30 Gambia 62 New Zealand 94 United Stated of America
31 Germany 63 Nigeria 95 Vietnam
32 Ghana 64 Norway96Hong Kong

Tourist Visa

Pakistan Missions abroad are authorized to grant Visit/Tourist Visa for three months validity and stay with double entry to foreigners of List-A consisting of following 190 countries.

RPOs have been authorized to extend tourist visa upto a maximum period of six months including the initial visa period and condone overstay upto 15 days on payment of visa fee subject to payment of a minimum of US $ 10 only.

For Northern Areas, the Deputy Commissioners Gilgit & Skardu have been authorized to allow extension in visa for three months and one re-entry to the tourists in Northern Areas, charging visa fee as per policy.

List A Countries

S# Name of Country S# Name of CountryS# Name of Country
2Algeria67Guinea132Papua New Guinea
5Antigua & Barbuda70Haiti135Philippine
6Argentina71Holy See (Vatican City)136Poland
12Bangladesh77Iraq142Saint Kitts and Nevis
13Barbados78Ireland143Saint Lucia
14Belarus79Italy144Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
15Belgium80Jamaica145Samoa (Western)
16Belize81Japan146Son Marino
17Benin82Jordan147Sao Tome and Principe
18Bhutan83Kazakhstan148Saudi Arabia
20Bosnia & Herzegovina85Kiribati150Serbia
21Botswana86Korea (North)151Seychelles
22Brazil87Korea (South)152Sierra Leone
23Brunei Darussalam88Kosovo153Singapore
24Bulgaria89Kuwait154Slovakia Republic
25Burkina Faso90Kyrgyzstan155Slovenia
26Burundi91Laos156Solomon Islands
27Cambodia92Latvia157South Africa
28Cameroon93Lebanon158South Sudan
30Cape Verde95Liberia160Sri Lanka
31Central African Republic96Libya161Sudan
33Chile98Lithuania163Swaziland (eswatini)
37Congo Republic of the102Malawi167Tajikistan
38Congo Democratic Republic103Malaysia168Tanzania (United Republic of)
39Costa Rica104Maldives169Thailand
40Cote d’lvoire(Ivory Coast)105Mali170Timor-Leste
42Cuba107Marshall Island172Tonga
43Cyprus108Mauritania173Trinidad & Tobago
44Czech Republic109Mauritius174Tunisia
48Dominican Republic113Monaco178U.A.E
51El Salvador116Morocco181Uganda
52Equatorial Guinea117Mozambique182Ukraine
58France123New Zealand188Yemen

  • US Nationals: Pakistani Missions abroad are authorized to grant 05 years multiple entry Visa with maximum stay of three (03) months to American national.
  • Applicants from 175 countries would be able to apply E-Visa, which will be augmented with Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) as per following details:-

Countries eligible for E-Visa

S# Name of Country S# Name of CountryS# Name of Country
1Albania66Haiti131 Rwanda
2Andorra67Holy See (Vatican City) 132Saint Kitts and Nevis
3Angola68Honduras133Saint Lucia
4Antigua & Barbuda69Hungary134Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
5Argentina70Iceland135Son Marino
6Australia71 Indonesia136Sao Tome and Principe
7Austria72Iran137Saudi Arabia
8 Azerbaijan 73 Ireland 138 Senegal
9 Bahamas 74 Italy 139 Serbia
10 Bahrain 75 Jamaica 140 Seychelles
11Bangladesh 76 Japan 141 Sierra Leone
12 Barbados 77 Jordan 142 Singapore
13 Belarus 78 Kazakhstan 143 Slovakia Republic
14 Belgium 79 Kenya 144 Slovenia
15 Belize 80 Kiribati 145 Solomon Islands
16 Benin 81 Korea 146 South Africa
17 Bolivia 82 Kosovo 147 Spain
18 Bosnia & Herzegovina 83 Kuwait 148 Sri Lanka
19 Botswana 84 Kyrgyzstan 149 Suriname
20 Brazil 85 Laos 150 Sweden
21 Brunei Darussalam 86 Latvia 151 Switzerland
22 Bulgaria 87 Lebanon 152 Tajikistan
23 Burkina Faso 88 Lesotho 153 Tanzania (United Republic of)
24 Burundi 89 Liberia 154 Thailand
25 Cambodia 90 Liechtenstein 155 Timor-Leste
26 Cameroon 91 Lithuania 156 Togo
27 Canada 92 Luxembourg 157 Tonga
28 Cape Verde 93 Macedonia 158 Trinidad & Tobago
29 Central African Republic 94 Madagascar 159 Tunisia
30 Chile 95 Malawi 160 Turkiye
31 China 96 Malaysia 161 Turkmenistan
32 Colombia 97 Maldives 162 Tuvalu
33 Comoros 98 Mali 163 U.A.E
34 Congo 99 Malta 164 U.K.
35 Costa Rica 100 Marshall Island 165 U.S.A
36 Cote d’lvoire(Ivory Coast) 101 Mauritius 166 Uganda
37 Croatia 102 Mexico 167 Ukraine
38 Cuba 103 Micronesia 168 Uruguay
39 Cyprus 104 Moldova 169 Uzbekistan
40 Czech Republic 105 Monaco 170 Vanuatu
41 Denmark 106 Mongolia 171 Venezuela
42 Djibouti 107 Montenegro 172 Vietnam
43 Dominica 108 Morocco 173 Western Samoa
44 Dominican Republic 109 Mozambique 174 Zambia
45 Ecuador 110 Myanmar 175 Zimbabwe
46 Egypt 111 Namibia
47 El Salvador 112 Nauru
48 Equatorial Guinea 113 Nepal
49 Eritrea 114 Netherlands
50 Estonia 115 New Zealand
51 Ethiopia 116 Nicaragua
52 Fiji 117 Niger
53 Finland 118 Norway
54 France 119 Oman
55 Gabon 120 Palau
56 Gambia 121 Panama
57 Georgia 122 Papua New Guinea
58 Germany 123 Paraguay
59 Ghana 124 Peru
60 Greece 125 Philippine
61 Grenada 126 Poland
62 Guatemala 127 Portugal
63 Guinea 128 Qatar
64 Guinea-Bissau 129 Romania
65 Guyana 130 Russia*
  • Processing time for applications shall be 7-10 working days at Pakistan missions abroad.

List-B Countries

  • There are 2 countries in list B (i-e. India & Somalia).
  • Armenia, Israel and Taiwan will not be part of any list.
  • Visa Policy regarding Afghanistan will be issued separately from time to time.

Visa On Arrival

  • 50 countries will be granted Visa-on-arrival for individual tourist / group tourists as per following details: -

Countries eligible for Visa On Arrival

S# Name of Country S# Name of Country
1 Angola 26 Monaco
2 Argentina 27 Mozambique
3 Austria 28 Nepal
4 Azerbaijan 29 New Zealand
5 Bahamas 30 Oman
6 Bahrain 31 Paraguay
7 Barbados 32 Qatar
8 Botswana 33 Rwanda
9 Brunei 34 Saint Kitts and Nevis
10 Costa Rico 35 Saint Lucia
11 Finland 36 Saudi Arabia
12 Germany 37 Singapore
13 Ghana 38 Spain
14 Iceland 39 Sri Lanka
15 Indonesia 40 Switzerland
16 Italy 41 Tajikistan
17 Japan 42 Tanzania
18 Jordon 43 Thailand
19 Korea (South] 44 Tonga
20 Kuwait 45 Trinidad &. Tobago
21 Lithuania 46 Tunisia
22 Luxembourg 47 Turkiye
23 Malaysia 48 UAE
24 Maldives 49 Western Samoa
25 Malta 50 Zambia
  • Nationals of Bahrain, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkiye and UAE will be granted 30 days multiple entries visa on arrival.
  • Foreign nationals of Indian Origin will also be allowed to avail the facility of Visa on Arrival for religious tourism.
  • Visa on Arrival will be augmented with Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) subject to 48-72 hours prior to application/ intimation.
  • To encourage and facilitate tourism in Pakistan Directorate of Tourist Services (DTS) approved tour operators will be allowed to bring tourists groups in Pakistan.
  • Visa on Arrival facility to all Qatari Passport holders including Diplomatic. Special and Ordinary Passports, free of charge, with single or multiple entries, without the requirement of Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) at any port of entry for a period of 30 days extendable by another 30 days subject to the following conditions:-
    1. Passport validity for at least 6 months.
    2. Confirmed return ticket: and
    3. Having cash equivalent to US $ 1500/- or a valid credit card **

Group Tourism through Designated Tour Operators

Visa On Arrival (VOA) will be allowed for one month validity and stay (Multiple) to Group Tourists of following 24 Tourists Friendly Countries (TFC) through designated Tour Operators in Pakistan subject to the following conditions:-

  1. The case will be submitted through designated/authorized tour operators only.
  2. The concerned tour operator will also submit undertaking to the effect that the tourists will be their responsibility and that they will not illegally overstay beyond validity of visa.
  3. If required, the same tour operators will apply, before expiry of visa for further extension upto 30 days.
  4. The concerned tour operators will submit a confirmation about exit of the said tourists, after their actual leaving the country.

Tourist Friendly Countries (TFC) for group tourism through designated tour operators


List of Designated Tour Operators

Lt. Col. Akbar A. Shareef,
Rakaposhi Tours (Pvt.) Ltd.,
No. 12-C, 31stCommercial Street,
Defence Housing Authority,
Phase-V, Karachi. (75500)
Phone No. 5864848, 5864949
Fax No. 5870652
Khamisani Brothers (Pvt.) Ltd.
No. 245, Hotel Metropole
Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi.
Phone No. 5217779, 5217779, 5211147
Fax No. 5678241, 5214218
Indus Guides Pvt. Lahore,
Phone No. 042-6650917, 6681276
Fax No. 6673806, 6278949
Cox & Kings Pakistan,
163-C, Bank Road, Rawalpindi.
Phone No. 051-5529473
Fax No. 051-5529476
M/s. Karakorum Adventures,
Islamabad, Branch: Office No 11,
1st Floor, Ahmed Centre, I-8 Markaz,
Islamabad. Phone: +92-51-4864600
Mobile/Whatsapp: +92-333-5252375
Skype: karakorum.adventure
M/s. Karakorum Explorers (Pvt) Ltd.
Islamabad, Branch Office: Apartment
No.2, Block-5-B,Gali No. 30,
Sector I-8/1,Islamabad.
Phone: +92-51-4441258
Mobile/Whatsapp: +92-300-8542401
Sitara Travel Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
52-West, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area,
Islamabad. P.O. Box 1662.
Phone: 051-2274892-93, 2873372-75
Fax No. 2279651, 2279676
Travel Waljis (Pvt.) Ltd.
10-Waljis Building,
Khayaban-e-Suharwardy, Islamabad.
Phone: 051-2270745-48, 2270757-58
Fax No. 2270753, 2828264
Sunrize Holidays,
872-E, Gulistan House,
St.# 1, GF Blue Area, Islamabad.
Phone No. 051-2270596, 2201560
Fax No. 051-2271670.
Oriental Linin,
62/10, Bank Road, Saddar,
Adventure Tours Pakistan ,
551, St. 53, G-9/1, Islamabad.
Tele: 051- 2260820, 2252759.
Fax No. 051-2252145
Nazir Sabir Expedition,
28-B, Nazimuddin Road,
F-8/1, Islamabad.
Phone No. 051-2252553, 2252580
Fax No. 051-2250293
M/s. S.G. International,
Tour Operators, Jhelum.
M/s. Sehri Travels & Tourism,
Pakistan Tours Ltd.,
PTL. Flashman Hotel, Rawalpindi.
M/s. Karakuram Trekks & Tours Pvt. Ltd.,Skardu.
Muital Travel & Tourism,
Int., (Pvt.) Ltd, Office No. 10, Capital Trade Centre FPO, Markaz, Islamabad.
M/s. Salman Int. (Pvt.) Ltd,
Block No. 51, Choudhry Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad.
M/s. Hushe Trekks & Tours,
Gultry Colony Airport Road, Skardu.
M/s. Blue Sky Travel International,
Naya Bazar, Skardu.
Prince Travel (Pvt.) Ltd.,
9-Jinnah Market, Circular Road, Faisalabad.
The Tourism Development Corporation Punjab Ltd., 140-Shadman-2, Lahore.
Pearl Tours & Travels (Pvt.) Ltd.,
14-Shopping Arcade, Hotel Pearl Continental, Karachi.
American Express (Pvt.) Ltd.,
6E-8, Second Floor, Shadman Complex, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad Road, Karachi.
Trans Asia Tourism,
32-N, Nichlson Road, Lahore.
Baltistan Tours, Skardu.
Zeb Travels,
Uni Plaza, Ground Floor,
Hasrat Mohani Road, Opp I.I.
Chundrigar Road, Karachi. (74000)
Phone No. 2411204, 2417054, 2418808
Fax No. 2425181, 2424340
Polani’s (Pvt.) Ltd.,
No. 46, 47 & 49, Sind Madressat-Ul-Islam, Hasrat Mohani Road, Karachi.
Phone No. 2416201-03
Fax No. 2422253, 2419737

Overstay Charges

The Ministry of Interior has imposed overstay charges on foreigners and Pak origin foreigners as under: –


S#Period of Over-StayOverstay Surcharge
1Upto 2 Weeks
2Above – 2 Weeks to 1 MonthUS $ 50/-
3Above – 1 Month to 3 MonthsUS $ 200/-
4Above – 3 Months to 1 YearUS $ 400/- per year

Note: No surcharge shall be payable in case of holders of diplomatic passports.


S#Period of Over-StayOverstay Surcharge
1Upto 1 Month
2Above – 1 Month to 6 MonthsUS $ 40/-
3Above – 6 Months to 1 YearUS $ 80/-
4Above – Beyond 1 YearUS $ 200/- per year
  1. No surcharge shall be payable in case of children upto 12 years of age.
  2. 50% surcharge shall be payable in case of children upto 18 years of age.

Entry into Pakistan without Visa

Pakistan has visa abolition Agreements with following 48 countries. The foreigners holding diplomatic, official and ordinary passport holders of the following countries can enter in Pakistan without visa for the period mentioned against each. After expiry of the period, extension of visa would be required through Ministry of Interior.

List of Countries with whom Pakistan has Visa Abolition Agreements (As on 10-11-2021)

Sno.Name of CountryPeriod for Which visa not requiredPassport
1AlgeriaThree MonthsDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
2ArgentinaThree MonthsDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
3AustriaThree MonthsDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
4AzerbaijanOne MonthDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
5BahrainThree MonthsDiplomatic & Official Passports (for Bahrain only) Diplomatic & Official Passport (for Pakistan only)
6BelgiumThree MonthsDiplomatic Passport Holders
7BrazilThree MonthsDiplomatic Passport Holders
8Brunei Dar-us-SalamThree MonthsDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
9CyprusThree MonthsDiplomatic & Service/Official Passport Holders
10Czech RepublicThree MonthsDiplomatic, Official & Service Passport Holders
11CubaThree MonthsDiplomatic & Service/Official Passport Holders
12DenmarkThree MonthsDiplomatic Official & Service Passport Holders
13EgyptOne MonthDiplomatic Passport Holders
14FinlandThree MonthsDiplomatic Passport Holders
15GermanyThree MonthsDiplomatic Passport Holders
16IndonesiaOne MonthDiplomatic & Service/Official Passport Holders
17IranThree MonthsDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
18China (Hong Kong)One MonthDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
19JordanThree MonthsDiplomatic Passport Holders
20KazakhstanThree MonthsDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
21KuwaitThree MonthsDiplomatic, Special & Official Passport Holders
22Kyrgyz RepublicOne MonthDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
23Lao PDRThree MonthsDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
24LibyaThree MonthsDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
25LuxemburgThree MonthsDiplomatic Passport Holders
26MaldivesThree MonthsAll Nationals of the Country
27MalaysiaOne MonthDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
28MexicoThree MonthsDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
29MoroccoThree MonthsDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
30MaltaOne MonthDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
31NetherlandsThree MonthsDiplomatic Passport Holders
32NepalOne MonthAll Nationals of the Country
33NorwayThree MonthsDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
34PhilippinesThree MonthsDiplomatic Passport Holders
35RomaniaOne MonthDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
36Russian Federation* Three months/Entire period of AssignmentDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
37SenegalThree MonthsDiplomatic, Official & Services Passport Holders
38SerbiaOne MonthDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
39Slovak RepublicThree MonthDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
40South KoreaThree MonthsDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
41Sri LankaThree MonthsDiplomatic Passport Holders
42ThailandThree MonthsDiplomatic Passport Holders
43TunisiaThree MonthsDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
44TurkiyeThree MonthsDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
45TurkmenistanOne MonthDiplomatic Passport Holders
46TajikistanThree MonthsDiplomatic Passport Holders
47VietnamThree MonthsDiplomatic & Official Passport Holders
48YemenThree MonthsDiplomatic, Special & Official Passport Holders

NOTE: * Three months visa will be applicable on short-term/Official Business visits and visa for entire period of assignment will be applicable to members of Diplomatic/Consular Missions & their families.

  • Diplomatic Passport Holders : 13 Countries
  • Diplomatic & Official Passport Holders : 33 Countries
  • Ordinary Passport Holders(All nationals) : 02 Countries
  • Total : 48 Countries

Registration of Foreigners with Police

  • Foreign nationals who are directed by the immigration authorities at airports to report to FRO for registration and a stamp is affixed to this effect, on their passports.
  • However, nationals in the managerial category, who are issued Work Permit/Visa from these countries will be exempted from Police registration except Indians and foreigners of Indian origin.
  • Please contact for registration, Foreigner Registration Branch established in the office of every District Police Officer.

Visa Extension in Pakistan

The Regional Passport Offices at Islamabad as well as at Provincial capitals, have been empowered to allow one year extension in business visa on submission of the following requisite business related documents.

  • Valid Passport/Business visa.
  • Documents showing substantial Investment/Export/Import during last year.
  • Registration letter from Tourism Division (in case of hotel business).
  • Other business documents (i.e. letter from Chamber of Commerce & Industry/Registrar of Company, partnership deed, article of association etc.)

Extension in visa beyond one year will be granted by the Ministry of Interior on production of the requisite business documents.

Visa Extension Form

Visa Application Form for Extension in Stay (except Indians Nationals)

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