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Renunciation of Pakistan Citizenship

Learn about Renunciation of Pakistan Citizenship.

Renunciation of Pakistan Citizenship

Any citizen of Pakistan residing outside Pakistan, who is not a minor and is also a citizen or national of another country or has been given by the competent authority of another country any valid document assuring him/her citizenship or nationality of that other country, shall make a declaration of renunciation of citizenship on Form "X" in triplicate to the Directorate General Immigration & Passports Islamabad through Pakistan Mission abroad.

The person concerned will cease to be citizen of Pakistan from the date of registration of his citizenship by Directorate General Immigration & Passports Islamabad.

Where a male person ceases to be citizen of Pakistan:

  • Every such minor child of that person as is residing outside Pakistan shall, thereupon, ceases to be a citizen of Pakistan provided any such child may, within one year of his completing the age of 21 years, makes a declaration that he wishes to resume the citizenship of Pakistan and shall upon making of such declaration becomes a citizen of Pakistan.
  • Every such minor of that person as is residing in Pakistan shall continue to be a citizen of Pakistan.

Application Fee

The fee for renunciation of citizenship is Rs 500/- only.

Further steps of Renunciation of Citizenship are as follows:

  • Availability of Form "X"
  • Processing of Application

Availability of Form "X"

Application form "X" can be obtained from concerned Pakistani Mission abroad. This form is also available at Directorate General of Immigration and Passports Islamabad. You can also download this form downloads section.

Processing of Application

After being received at this Directorate General, your application shall be referred to concerned department for clearance and after such clearance renunciation certificate shall be prepared and dispatched to concerned foreign mission. Applicants are requested to submit their applications after carefully enclosing all required documents particularly original CNIC, Photocopies of Passports and assurance letter issued by concerned Foreign Government. Please mention the name of only those children in form "X" who are residing with you in a foreign country. Also enclose copies of those children's Birth Certificates/NICOP/Pakistan Passports.

If your application is complete in all respects delivery of renunciation certificate to you may take four weeks approximately. However incomplete applications, non availability of CNIC or lack of supporting documents, regarding children whose names are mentioned in Form "X" may cause delay in finalization of your case. You may check status of your application by sending email at: after three months of submission of your application.

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