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Guidelines for Renunciation

Learn about renunciation of Pakistan Citizenship guidelines.


The renunciation certificates in those cases have not yet been issued where replies are awaited from missions regarding providing missing documents/information. The reminders in all these cases have been issued and concerned missions are requested to expedite replies, so these cases may be finalized. Missions are requested to ensure that CNIC of an applicant is enclosed with each case at the time of its forwarding to this department. If they don’t have it, first they get the NICOP/CNIC from NADRA and after that apply for the same.

Further guidelines for forwarding the cases after ensuring that such cases are complete in all aspects are provided as under...

  • Please examine all cases and ensure that all required documents are enclosed with each case as per the attached list of required documents.
  • CNIC/NICOP of the applicant in original required to be enclosed with the case. Please ensure that CNIC/NICOP is provided with each case.
  • When an applicant is not in possession of CNIC/NICOP, he/she may produce evidence that under what provision of law, the applicant is a citizen of Pakistan.
  • Please note that children under the age of 21 years are not authorized to independently renounce their nationality under section 14-A Pakistan Renunciation Act 1951. Therefore, the separate cases for renunciation of nationality regarding minor children may not be forwarded. The Applicant may be guided that when a male person renounces his nationality all his minor children who are residing with him in a foreign country cease to be Pakistani. This renunciation shall not affect the children of the applicant residing in Pakistan and they remain citizens of Pakistan.
  • Where applicant specifically requires the inclusion of names of minor children residing in a foreign country he may be asked to mention these children in Form "X". In this case, RG-II/ Birth Certificate/NICOP/Form "S" may be provided any of as evidence of minor children’s being citizen of Pakistan. Minor children residing in Pakistan should not be included in Form "X".
  • Names of the children may not be included in the form "X" of the female applicant (i.e. mother), as the names of the children are not included in the Renunciation Certificate issued to female applicants.
  • The required photograph may be attached with the case carefully and maybe stapled properly so these are not detached or displaced causing a delay in the processing of the case.
  • It has been observed that certain missions write the same case number on all forwarded cases (which seems to be a file number) making it difficult for this office to track/trace an individual case with the help of a case number. It is suggested that a separate tracking number or a serial number given to each individual case may be mentioned on that case so tracking/tracing of the case may be easy.
  • The email address of the applicant (if available) may be included in the forwarding letter so this department may also contact the applicant directly if some information/documents are needed.
  • The applicants may please be provided with the email address of this department ( so they may contact for checking the status of their applications.
  • On filling of application, the Missions may immediately forward the case to the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports, so that the cases may be finalized in stipulated time.
  • Delivery of the Renunciation Certificate and cancellation of Pakistani Passport.
  • Applicants are not required to submit their original Pakistani Passport at the time of submission of their case for the renunciation. Such passports are required to be submitted at the time of delivery of Renunciation Certificate. However, some times applicant’s passports or his previous passports are sent with the case by concerned missions.
  • Please ensure that each and every page of such passports are stamped with the word "CANCELLED".
  • After delivery of the Renunciation Certificate the original passport may be obtained and forward to this Department after canceling each and every page of these passports including pages containing visas.

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